Volunteer for Bluebird Cancer Retreats

Active. Committed. Caring.

Volunteers are vital part of the Bluebird Cancer Retreats mission.   They provide support, service, programs, and hospitality to all who participate in a retreat.   They also are integral to the success of Bluebird’s special events.  The rewards of volunteering go far beyond the pure joy of helping others.  Many volunteers make true friendships with staff, campers, and other volunteers.   But most importantly, they are all part of ensuring that the dynamic experience of a Bluebird Retreat is available to everyone who needs it!
If you are interested in participating with Bluebird Cancer Retreats as a volunteer, download and complete our application and let us know what you are interested in.

Bluebird Cancer Retreats Volunteer Application:

Download Application or Apply Online

If you have questions, or would like to discuss volunteer opportunities, contact Renee Denlsow, Executive Director, at 616.847.0839 or by email.