Bluebirds Taken Flight

Special memories of loved ones.

The reason birds can fly and we can’t is simply that they have perfect faith, for to have faith is to have wings.”

– Sir James Matthew Barrie

We honor the memories of our special friends – the Bluebird Retreat participants who have passed away.  They may be gone but they are not forgotten, as they live in our hearts and in the Bluebird legacy for all times. Please let us know if you would like a friend or loved one added to our list.  Call the Bluebird Office at 616-847-0839.


Janet Anderson
Lynn Boyle
Yancy Bridgeforth
Jim Kalis
Gayla Kilgroe
Wayne LaRoche
Dick Reed
Janis Ross
Randy Rymal
Rebecca Sernick


Nancy Cok
Tracy Gould
Kim Reedy-Hartman
Marie Guy-Stewart
Linda Westenbroek


Matthew Biggs
Diane Calmes
Shirley Christensen
Roxanne Drudy
Dinah Hertz
Carrie Johnson
Michelle Michura
Ann Sterling
Renee Tolle
Sheilia Vander Scheer
Patricia VanSlooten


Joeritta McAlister
Laura Stannis
Jason VanSlooten
Katherine Kleinschmidt


Arlene Simons
Nancy Gonsiorek
Vicki K. Peterson
Gloria Sessums
Karen Emaus
Roxie Johnson


Alice Bergmosser
Barb Ebel DeVecht
Nancy(Nannette) Eyestone
Terry Chamberlain
Nancy MacDonald


Terry Abbott
Rich Ashley
Karie Brown
Kori Dekker
Gloria Petersch
Kim Olthoff


Catherine Gendron
Gerald Roundhouse
Mary Woodward


Margaret Mazurek
Jennifer Lawson
Berniece Boucher
David Temple
Anne Rowan
Barbara R. Daniell
Henry Rivera
Zettie Jenkins
Ray Martinez


Cyndie Collinge-Golab
Connie James


Roe Konopa


Jerry Collinge

Date Unknown

Linda Way