Bluebird’s History

One man's dream.

Bluebird has a long history of providing hope for adults with cancer. What started as a single Camp Bluebird retreat in Alabama in 1985, has evolved into many retreat programs across the country. While attending a Bluebird retreat in North Carolina, Bill Timm, a Spring Lake resident battling cancer, decided to bring Camp Bluebird to West Michigan.

Bluebird provided Bill with hope, and that hope led to a dream – a dream of sharing the inspiration and support he felt at the Camp Bluebird experience with West Michigan residents diagnosed with cancer.

Although Bill Timm died in 1994, his dream lived on through his wife, Robin, and their friend and pastor, Rev. Peter Theune. Together they united four organizations – A local Church, North Ottawa Community Hospital, Hospice of North Ottawa Community and the American Cancer Society of Ottawa County – and the first Camp Bluebird of West Michigan was held on the shores of Lake Michigan in 1996.

Today, Bluebird hosts five weekend retreats including offerings for newcomers, couples (a survivor and a caregiver) and a reunion gathering.   We also hold monthly support groups in Spring Lake/Grand Haven and Holland including a Spanish speaking group.   Our name has changed to Bluebird Cancer Retreats of West Michigan but we remain committed to Bill Timm’s dream – a dynamic, healing journey toward emotional and spiritual well-being for persons who experience cancer.

The Bluebird Staff

Committed to lead with compassion & excellence.

Renee Denslow

Renee Denslow became the Executive Director of Bluebird Cancer Retreats in January, 2009 and comes to Bluebird with not only a desire to serve, but a passion for the cause. “Watching my father fight the battle with cancer three times taught me that attitude and spiritual strength are critical to healing. Bluebird provides an invaluable experience and tools to help people meet the challenge head on. I am inspired and honored to continue the mission that Bill Timm brought to West Michigan with Bluebird Cancer Retreats.”

Renee lives in Spring Lake with her husband Erik and her children Maya, Anna and Eli. She serves on the District Improvement Team for Spring Lake Public Schools. She also served on the Faith Formation Commission for St. Patrick’s Church for 9 years, and has worked in fundraising and project management in several capacities.

Mindy Bectel

After volunteering for Bluebird for several years, we are thrilled to have Mindy Bectel join us as retreat director.  With experience working in the medical field and an educational background in human resources, Mindy brings a wonderful set of skills to Bluebird.  She shares, “As a volunteer, my heart has been captured by bluebird participants.  There is so much hope, love and courageousness’ and it is so fulfilling to share in all the special moments”.

Mindy lives in Spring Lake with her supportive husband Pat and her two sons Nic and Brendan and works at Garrison Dental.

Board of Directors

Serving with a heart for the cause.

Rick Arnold

President Bluebird Cancer Retreats

President – Broadview Product Development

Rick joins us with a true heart for the cause. Having walked the cancer journey with his wife Denna, a 10 year thyroid cancer survivor, Rick has the unique perspective of a caregiver and support person. He was looking for a way to get involved and give back to the community and we are very pleased he chose Bluebird.

Gloria LeMaire

Vice President Bluebird Cancer Retreats

Retired – Legal Assistant/Executive Secretary

Gloria is a long time Bluebird supporter from her first board term starting in 2000. After 3 board terms, Gloria served as Retreat Director for 2 years.  When she decided it was time to spend more of her retirement in Florida, she let go of many things, but thankfully not her commitment to Bluebird.  Gloria is now serving her 4th term for Bluebird and is truly inspired by those she serves. “I have volunteered for years and I wouldn’t trade any of the time I spent with these very special individuals.” Gloria has also held board seats on United Way Allocations Committee and Volunteer Center.

David Garland

Treasurer Bluebird Cancer Retreats

Community Bank President, FirstMerit Bank

Dave joined the Bluebird board in late 2011 after hearing about the wonderful support and HOPE Bluebird Cancer Retreats gives to cancer fighters and survivors. “I am proud to serve an organization that can provide hope and support to a patient and family while going through the tough battle of cancer. I have seen to many people try to fight it alone because they did not know there are resources out there for them.” Dave is involved in many community organizations.  He is past president of the Tri-Cities Kiwanis and a board member of the Grand Haven Lighthouse Conservancy.

Susan Dudick

Sectretary Bluebird Cancer Retreats
Lakeshore Nurse Manager, Cancer & Hematology Centers of West Michigan

After graduating from nursing school, Susan knew her passion was in oncology and she has been working in this area ever since. Susan has been a volunteer speaker for Bluebird since 2012,  sharing her knowledge in patient advocacy and cancer care.  “What Bluebird does for patients and families is unmatched in the community.  Bluebird gives patients comfort to know they are not alone and helps them find their way”.  We are excited to have Susan’s expertise and skills on our team as we continue to grow our mission at Bluebird.

Shelley Brocci

Lead Volunteer, Mercy Health/Johnson Family Cancer Center Patient & Family Resource Centers

After spending 8 years as a volunteer in the Patient Education Resources Center at the University of Michigan, Shelley has brought her energy and passion to the Lakeshore by opening a resource center at the Johnson Family Cancer Center.  She shares, “it is a well documented fact that people affected by a cancer diagnoses seek access to information and support.  I saw first hand the impact of relevant, credible, accurate information provided in a warm and comfortable environment”.  We are thrilled to have Shelley bring her talents to Bluebird to help us reach anyone in our community in need of this kind of support.

Loril Garrett

Outpatient Nursing Supervisor, Cancer Program, Spectrum Health

With a personal passion and professional experience, we are honored to have Loril as part of our Bluebird board.  Loril comes to Bluebird with an incredible background in Oncology beginning with her first clinical rotation in 2001.  Loril has spent many years working as a case manager and a nurse navigator, following patients from the time of diagnosis, through treatment and into survivorship.  She is known for being a nurse that cares deeply about the needs of cancer patients.  Loril has been attending bluebird events and referring her patients our way for many years and we are now lucky to have her officially joining our team!

Patty Keller

Teacher, Spring Lake Public Schools

As an educator and active leader in the Spring Lake Community, Patty brings a host of talents to the table. “In working with children for the past 26 years, I have seen firsthand the pain that families endure when dealing with cancer.  I have had students who have lost parents, grandparents & siblings to cancer and that is so hard to work through.  It is my love of family and work with children that have drawn me to Bluebird.”

Mary Mencarelli

Director of Primary Care – Holland Hospital

Mary joins us with over 35 years’ experience partnering with physicians, nursing staff, support staff, and most importantly patients who life story includes a chapter with cancer, most recently as Director of Primary Care at Holland Hospital.  She shares “the joy that I have gained from these years is the ability to make a difference in these patient and families experience.  I would like to continue with the ability to make a difference and I believe participating in the Blue Bird organization, I can do that.”

Stefanie Hall-VanHouwelingen

Executive Secretary, Herman Miller

As a survivor and a caregiver, Stefanie shares a very intimate connection with cancer.  Her mother was diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer, Glioblastoma Multiforme and fought a great fight with help from amazing doctors, nurses, massage therapists, nutritionists, to give her the best fighting chance.    “Cancer can rip families apart, destroy relationships, and demolish careers… however, it doesn’t need to be that way.  Cancer can also make a person (caregiver, family member, or patient) grow into something they never thought was possible.   I believe in staying positive and making a difference in every persons journey with cancer… it can be a life changer to a “new you” in a positive direction.

Lori Zellers


After walking the cancer journey with many friends and loved ones, many whom she is happy to call survivors, Lori is committed to alleviating suffering caused by cancer.  The Bluebird Cancer Retreats board is a great way she can use her legal expertise to support programs that offer hope and physical healing to those on this journey. Lori has a true heart for helping others. She is excited to be involved with the programs and events at Bluebird and to make a difference in the community.